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Shenzhen baoan district xinan guangcheng screen building materials business.
Room 104, building 17, chuangercun, area 72, xingdong community, xin 'an street, bao 'an district, shenzhen
Contact: Lee
Phone: 18602054418
E-mail: gzguangcheng@126.com
Chinese Website: www.szgc08.com
Around the office:
Beijing Office
Address: Beijing Fengtai District Sanhuanxincheng Toyohashi Road Building 1 6 1 unit Room 1301
Phone: 18602054418
Contact: Lee
Sichuan, Chongqing Office
Address: Chengdu lotus Northern Third Street on the 18th State-run Tianjiao two chambers 209
Contact: Mr. Huang
Phone: 13560107678
QQ: 535655327
Hong Kong office
Address: 32-50 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong number one Golden Industrial Building 22 F C2
Phone: 00852-2403-1228 Fax: 00852-2426-1229
Contact: Huojie Li 00820-9302-0602
Haikou distributor:
Address: No. 4 Venus Road, Haikou City Industrial Development Zone in Hainan Province
Phone: 13907598055
Contact: Mr. Yuan
Sanya service center
Room No. 13, Lane 202, Sanya City, the liberation of the three-way Dan Book Club: Address
Phone: 0898-88267690
Contact: Mr. Deng
Phone: 13976829177
E-mail: hngr666@163.com
Xiamen Office
Contact: Mr.Huang
Phone: 18520093328
Address: Xiamen City, North Hubin Road 57 Bingo Cheng International Business Center 237
Phone: 020-28659048
Shandong Office
Address: Jinan City, Shandong distinguish collar water
Phone: 18602054412
E-mail: jiancaishandong@163.com
Contact: Mr.Huang
Inner Mongolia Office
Address: Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Queensland District 16 fewer first road # Rong-owned Commercial Street D28 dreamland
Phone: 0472-5169890 13304725060
Contact: Jia
Fuzhou Office
Address: Fuzhou, Fujian Waldorf Commercial Building
Phone: 18602054412
Contact: Miss Huang
Guiyang Office
Address: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province of China Road 1
Contact: Miss Huang
Phone: 18602054412
Taiyuan Office:
Address: 10th Street Taiyuan Yifen Matt Moore Business Center nine 917
Phone: 0351-5634863 / 5634862
Phone: 13560107678
E-mail: haolang100@126.com
Contact: Huang
Liaoning Office:
Address: Liaoning Province, Benxi City Ming mountain fire furniture building materials market
Tel: 13904244722 0414-2170722
Fax: 0414-2170722
Contact: Li Jun Q Q: 953180472

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